Whatsap will soon allow you to choose the video quality feature.


 Whatsap  will soon allow you to choose the video quality feature to watch :

The messaging app WhatsApp will soon make another new feature available to users. With the help of this feature called Video Upload Quality, users can decide how much quality videos they want to send. The beta version of this feature is currently being released for Android users, according to WhatsApp community blog WhatsApp Beta Info (WabitaInfo).

While sending a video, the user will get a pop-up asking them to select the resolution in which it needs to be sent.

whatsapp vedio quality feature

   Auto (recommend): WhatsApp will detect what is the best compression algorithm for specific videos. 

Best quality: WhatsApp will always send the video using the best quality available! 

Data saver: when Data saver is enabled in your Android settings, WhatsApp will compress videos before sending them.

WhatsApp is rolling out the view once feature to WhatsApp beta for Android version. Beta users who are on this version and still don't see the feature may receive it in a future update. iOS Beta users will also get the feature soon.

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