Best games like pubg on Android mobile in 2021

  There is absolutely no doubt that Android is one  of  the gaming platform. It doesn’t matter what  your favourite game is, you’ll usually find something that you like. However, as you may have experienced  There are lots of bad games in playstore.  

we  are here  to make it easier for you to find the  android games.   Here are  the best battle ground games that currently available on Android.   


free fire game for Android

  • Free Fire has become one of the most popular Battle royale game. Following the ban of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has become the most played battle royale game in India. It is an online third-person shooting game highly influenced by PUBG Mobile. The gameplay and concept everything is same as PUBG Mobile.   



call of duty for android

  • COD Mobile is the best PUBG Mobile alternative. It was downloaded 1.15 million times within four days of Ban. Call of Duty Mobile has more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store. Call of Duty Mobile is the top Battle Royale game for mobile from the biggest shooting game franchise.  


battlelands royale for android

  • Battlelands Royale is a third-person battle royale shooter. It’s also a bit smaller than most. Players drop into 32-person battle royales. Most matches take between three to five minutes. Otherwise, it’s a fairly standard battle royale experience. You find stuff, use that stuff to slay opponents, and try to be the last player standing.   



fortnite for android

  • One of the most popular games in the world, Fortnite lets players build forts and team up with friends in 100-person battle royale matches. The game is constantly releasing new content, with the current season centering on an alien invasion where you can shoot down flying saucers and hijack them to move your squad around the map and fire on your foes. 

NOTE: This games is not available in playstore. You can install from

Rules of Survival

cyber hunter for android

  • Rules of Survival is another PUBG clone. It came out after PUBG Mobile was announced, but before the release date. You drop in from an airplane, find stuff, and kill people as per the norm. This one has some additional weapons, vehicles, and matches with 120 players.

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