Check who blocked you on whatsapp


 Want to know who blocked you on whatsapp. Check in this article to findout.

    Want to know who blocked you on WhatsApp .. there are some ways to do that. Because on WhatsApp you will not be able to know in the notification form who has blocked you for various privacy reasons. However if you follow some methods you can easily find out who blocked you.

See if there is a profile picture

If someone blocks you .. you can find out from this first. If you see their profile picture .. it looks like the other person is not blocking you. If not, follow the steps below.

checking who blocked on whatsapp

Send a message

If the other person blocks you .. you will only get one tick. Two tick marks, blue ticks do not appear. So no matter how long you put the message and these ticks do not come, it is as if you are almost blocked.

 Lost Scene, check online status

Whoever thinks you have been blocked .. Try to check their Lost Scene, online status. However, if they disable the last scene, it will not appear if it is not blocked. It's definitely blocked if it does not appear online.

Try to create a group

If someone blocks you on WhatsApp .. you will not even be able to create a group with them. So try to create a group with someone you think has blocked you.

However, all of the above can be done by deleting the profile picture, hiding the last scene and turning off the net. However, those who turn off the net will turn on for a while, so .. If all this happens, you can almost feel like you have been blocked.


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