FF :Earn Rank Tokens in Free fire fastly with these tips and tricks.


Here's how to earn Rank Tokens in free fire.


 Ranking in Free Fire is similar to ranking in other battle royale games, with the exception of the prizes for reaching higher positions. These tiers in Free Fire begin with Bronze and culminate with Heroic, which can be advanced to Grandmaster if you're up to it. Because this is no easy chore, each participant is rewarded, one of which is always Rank tokens.

Free fire

1. Increase your RP (Rank points) in-game.

Your RP [RANK POINTS] is earned dependent on how well you do in the game, but you can earn more by completing the daily mission in one match. To get this, you must defeat at least one player and finish in the top half of the field. You can continue playing after that, but remember to come back every day to get the most RP from the daily mission.

2. Try to win every match that you play :

 Winning a Booyah gives you with a large amount of RP and, more importantly, tokens, as you are automatically the longest-surviving player. Because you aren't the only one striving to achieve this goal in the lowest amount of time, you may have to engage in some severe battle. Also, dying early isn't an option because you'll lose RP, which can result in you being demoted to a lesser division if it happens too often.

 3. Only leave the match once you've scored the Top 10 position :

Leaving in the middle of a match will cause you to not earn any exp, but RP will be based on your placing in the match. This means that if you need to leave, try to do it once there aren’t many people alive anymore. You’ll have survived long enough to earn enough RP, but if you wish to earn EXP as well .

4.Double up your RP Card :

This is one of the game's rarest cards, so it doubles your earned RP when used. As a result, you will rank up faster and receive rank tokens more quickly. Garena awards it for uncommon occurrence events, the most recent of which was the Free Fire 3rd anniversary, so keep a look out for them in the game.

5.Try to push your Rank :

 While ranking up benefits you earn tokens, the higher division you achieve, the higher you will rank when the season resets, making you eligible for each division's reward sooner than if you maintained in the lower divisions. However, reaching Grandmaster isn't necessary; a Diamond or Heroic ranking is good.

Earning rank tokens has no real “boost” to it. This is due to the fact that they can only be obtained through the aforementioned methods. However, there are several strategies you can use to increase your token gain in the game.


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