How to check who unfollow you on instagram


Check who unfollowed on Instagram :

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram hides this information that who unfollowed you and we become very curious to know who unfollowed us but can’t know the exact person.  

This is one of the features where Instagram lacks to track who unfollowed you, whereas it notifies the user when someone sends follow request. 

checking who unfollowed you on Instagram
Unfollowing someone in today’s time is really a big deal, but this we need to always keep in mind that it’s a personal choice and one should respect it, as they must have their reasons. It’s advisable better to work on your account and make it more engaging for your followers and to attract people. There is no way to manually find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram and going through your list of followers and following manually is a time-consuming task. 

 Don’t worry, we have figured out the solution for this. Instagram isn’t helpful in this, but there are some apps that can do it for you. 

 Followmeter:  This app is one of the most popular apps among iOS and Android for this category. It is an analytics app that analyses your Instagram account. Below we have given the steps :

  •  Login using your Instagram account  
  •       Now, this app will Analyze your account  ·     
  •   After the analysis, you will have access to a lot of information. 
  • To figure outwhoyou, tap on the first tab at the bottom leftcorner.  ·   
  •   Tap ‘UnFollowers.  ·     
  •   Bonus: You can also find out who does not follow you by tapping on ‘Not following you back’.  

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