Microsoft warns you to update your system urgently .


Microsoft, the world's most famous IT business, has urged all Windows users to update their PCs right away. This is due to a significant operating system error. It warned that hackers could take advantage of the flaw to steal data.

 To avoid this, it is recommended that you apply an update. When multiple users use the same printer, Windows' 'Print spoiler' is commonly used. Researchers from Sangfar, a cybersecurity firm, announced in May that they had discovered security weaknesses in it. They made a mistake and posted the instructions for hacking it online. Despite the fact that it was deleted right away, the information made its way to several developer sites in that time.

Warning from Microsoft to update systems

 hackers may use this 'print nightmare' to threaten to instal various programmes on other people's machines; Microsoft has warned that it may view, delete, and create new user accounts. 

As a result, hackers have total control over computers. This problem is said to occur in both Windows 10 and Windows 7. For them, he has sent updates. It said that it had updated the most recent upgrades to fix any bugs that had been discovered previously. 

Microsoft actually stopped supporting Windows 7 last year. Hackers now have complete control over computers as a result of this. This problem is believed to be present in both Windows 10 and Windows 7. 

However, Print Nightmare has updated that version in terms of severity once again.


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