Remove these apps urgently !!


Google removed these apps from playstore !!! 

These apps stealing FaceBook users passwords so Remove these apps urgently from your device

Hackers continue to provoke, no matter how careful tech companies are about the protection of their consumers' data. Facebook users data collecting logins and passwords by using 9 photo editing apps on the Google Play Store, according to the malware analysis department of Doctor Web, a cybersecurity firm. The app has since been removed from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store removed apps

Hackers have been able to enter into apps and change settings with the use of special technologies That they used JavaScript to make changes to the Facebook page, which they called

 According to Dr. Webb, when users enter into their accounts, they collect cookies and other sensitive details, which they then send over to hackers.

These are the apps that removed by Google :-

♦PIP Photo
♦ Processing Photo.

♦ Rubbish Cleaner.

♦ Inwell Fitness.

♦ App Loc Keep.

♦ lockit Master.
♦ Horoscope Pi.
♦App Lock Manager.

These apps have received between 10 and 50 million downloads so far. As a result, Google advises users to uninstall these apps as soon as possible. Experts also recommend removing any apps linked to these apps..

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