Secure your Google account with these tips..


 Secure your Google account with these tips..

Do you transact mostly online? Have you ever been afraid of being scammed when making online transactions like this? Online scams are very common. Are going to be very easy. Online scams cannot be thwarted unless you are very vigilant. Online booking like mobile's, electronic gadgets, personal equipments,  flight tickets and many more  are all associated with money. That is why everyone should be very careful while making transactions online. Otherwise cyber criminals will be ready to target you.  You must Know follow These Tips to Keep Yourself Safe.

tips to securing Google account

These are the tips that secure your Google account :

  • Your email id must have a recovery mobile number or email id. Details should be updated if they change. Your recovery email or mobile number will be alerted if anyone accesses your email.
  • Two factor authentication is mandatory. This will give you extra security. You will need to enter a unique code along with a password to log in.
  • Use Password Alert. You will get alerts when you try to log in with your Google password on non Google sites.

  • If you suspect that your passwords may have fallen into the wrong hands, you can do a Google Security checkup. Through this you can find out repeat passwords and security errors.
  • Your OS, apps, and browser should be updated regularly. Otherwise virus attacks are not to blame.
  • Go to Security in your Google Account and in the Manage Devices section you will need to log out of unused devices. Otherwise you risk accessing your account if the device falls into the wrong hands.
  • You need to remove apps and browser extensions that you do not need. Do not download apps you do not know. Do not disclose any personal information.
  • Use Password Manager. With Password Manager you can create strong passwords and store them carefully. Google estimates that an average person uses more than 120 passwords. You can check this issue through Password Manager.


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