smartphone:Things to do before selling your smartphone


Hey guys are you selling your old smartphone.Read this article and consider these things before you selling your smartphone

 When buying a new mobile, we exchange the old phone or sell it at a lower price. However, when the old phone is sold, the data on the phone is completely deleted, but it still contains a lot of information about us. 

smartphone: things to do before selling a Mobile
  That is why mobile experts suggest that a factory reset is mandatory when selling an old phone to anyone. Doing so will completely erase all the data. This makes your data completely secure. If the phone is not factory reset your data details will be known. This increases the chances of cybercrime and other problems.  

Some people do not know how to do a factory reset of the phone. Even if they know .. they do not have the idea how to reset.

  let's learn how to do a factory reset on your Android phone. Before doing factory reset on your mobile do these things  

  •  Backup your photos, videos and other media over the Cloud or to an external storage device 
  • Backup your contacts, messages and call record 
  • Backup and save your WhatsApp chats before shifting to a new phone, create a chat backup from WhatsApp settings on Google. 
  • Log out from and remove all accounts before factory reset.A factory reset will erase everything on a smartphone but it doesn’t log you out of the Google account(s). So, ensure that you log out of all the Google accounts and other online accounts before going for a factory reset.  
  • Clean your old phone and put it with all accessories back in the box; will help get better price. 
  • Before proceeding with a factory reset, check if your Android phone is encrypted. If not, you can do so manually through phone settings 
  • Search for “reset” in phone settings and select “Erase all data (factory reset)”. Doing this will erase everything on your smartphone.
If the phone is turned on after the entire process is complete, Android Welcome will appear on the screen. There is no chance for new phone users to know your details.

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